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Yoga is a wonderful way to gently stretch, tone, and relax those sore, tired, pregnant muscles.
Studies have shown that women who regularly exercise have less pain and shorter labors and regain their pre-pregnancy shape quicker.
Yoga is a wonderful way to achieve these benefits.
Kalei teaches a wonderful yoga class, that is gentle, fun and for ANY skill level.
Our yoga classes are unique, they are taught by our midwife Jennifer who infuses her knowledge of pregnancy into her classes.
The benefit to you, is having a better understanding of the changes happening in your body.

Benefits of Yoga:
  • Increased circulation
  • strengthening your body in preparation for the work of labor
  • stretching and relaxing your muscles help prevent cramps
  • learning to breath fully, helping to bring relaxation
  • learning the anatomy of your body and what changes to expect
  • relaxation, stress & anxiety reduction

Fees & Sessions
We offer classes at our Pownal office Thursdays 6p-7p.
Fees: 4 class sessions, start at anytime. $60.00
Space is limited, this is NOT a drop in class. Registration is required. Please call or email to save your spot.

"This prenatal yoga class is out of this world! I took prenatal yoga with my other 2 pregnancies
and never learned as much as I did in her class. Having a midwife teach your class is where its at!
She is funny, calm and so, so smart!" M.G. PN Yoga mom

"I had horrible leg cramps when I was pregnant. Within one class,
she gave me stretches I could do before bed and IT WORKED!" B.L.