Human bodies are designed, by nature to move, stretch, have lean muscle and work
in balance with all of its parts to help maintain balance in the body and your life.

Our philosophy at Circle of Life is wellness from the inside out. We are family centered and believe in bringing wellness to all.
Kalei has a passion and insight for movement. She teaches with body awareness and educates all of her classes, while using breath control.
Her classes are unique and you will find yourself leaving with elevated esteem, a centered self, and a feeling of joy, you will learn to grow
and let go and release through the beauty and power of holistic movement. Pick a class, grab a friend, bring your little ones, and open yourself
up to all of the amazing opportunities you will find through movement.

Kalei is  CPR certified, a Homebirth Midwife’s Assistant, CranioFascial Therapist, Dance teacher, and Certified Yoga Instructor.
She has been teaching movement for over 10 years and finds joy in bringing it to the community.
Body Work, CFT, and Private Sessions available by appointment.

Offering Group Classes & Private Sessions
Please see our Classes & Events Page for more details.

 4 weeks for $60.00

What do you get when you use the power of cardio, yoga, and relaxation? P3.
Cardio releases endorphins, which help reduce anxiety, burn fat, and helps relieve depression. Studies show that to burn the most fat and gain the most benefits only 20 min is necessary. Yoga creates balance and union in the body by connecting mind and spirit with the body. Yoga is also challenging the muscles with strength as you use your own body weight to flow in and out of poses. Relaxation provides the nourishment and stillness to renew.
There is great movement even in still points.
This 1hour class provides it all, leaving you balanced and empowered. 
Saturdays 9:00-10:00a

Postpartum P3: Same as p3 but tailored to the Postpartum mom with healing movements. Bring the baby and your favorite carrier as all movements can be done with the baby. Mondays 10:15-11a

Core n More
This unique class designed for women,
brings awareness and health to the pelvic floor.
Using core strengthening exercises and muscle lengthening
stretches the movements will focus on the pelvic floor,
spine and shoulder girdle .You will be educated on how these
movements will support your body. A strong central core is the goal, with awarenessand mindfulness askey components of our hour together.
Open to all levels.

Therapeutic Yoga

This class is designed to incorporate a combination of gentle yoga, awareness exercises, restorative yoga poses, and breath work.

This class is suitable for people who are beginning to study yoga, recovering from an injury, who are working with a sustained spinal dysfunction, or anyone who feels they are just too tight to stretch.

Kalei watches each student and gently guides them into the

pose if need be, there is relaxation at the end.  

Wednesdays 5:15-6:15

Babywearing Boogie 
Bring your little one and favorite carrier as you move
and groove to upbeat music with easy to follow steps.
Connecting with your little one through movement and music.
Open to mommas, poppas, and care givers.
Have a sibling?
No worries bring them too, we will wrap their favorite
baby doll with a scarf and all boogie together.

Kids Hop & Bop (4-8)

This fun class is designed to get kids moving and grooving without any pressure. Kids will jump, leap, and twirl around while listening to upbeat music. It’s a great way to burn energy and learn to love the art of movement.

Workshop Series:

March 1-29th Wednesdays 4p-4:45p

 October 2-30 4p-4:45p

Cost $45 for 5 week series, register at

 Kids Yoga (4-8)
This is a fun and playful class for kids introducing yoga poses, breath and relaxation through play, games, and teamwork. Great resource for kids to learn how to breathe and remain calm and build self- esteem.
Workshop series:
 May 3-31 Wednesday, 4p-4:45p  
August 2-30 Wednesday 4p-4:45p.
Cost $45 for 5 week series, register at

$75.00 hr
5 Sessions $175 Save $50

Choose from these sessions
or call and build your own workout.

Enjoy the benefits of movement in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Working one on one with Kalei to make a plan for your personal health needs.

or email her at: