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70 Min. Hot Stone Massage
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COL Signature Massage
 Our very own massage just for you! This massage can be tailored to your needs! Using a combination
of massage techniques are used based on your body. Megan will mix and match deep tissue, swedish
and circulation massage to create the massage experience that addresses your body specific issues.
A therapeutic massage customized to your needs to relax everyday muscular tensions, aches and pain.
This massage can be full body or spot specific, depending on your needs. A great way to get relief from
the stresses of life!

Prenatal, Birth & Postpartum Massage*
Pregnancy is an amazing time in a womans life, but it can take its toll physically and emotionally.
Regular massage has been used to keep the joint and musclestress of pregnancy to a minimum,
while allowing momma and baby to release stress.Mommas who get regular massages report feeling
 less stress, more energy,better appetite and better sleep.

Exclusive COL offer!
Postpartum Massage with Baby!
Being a mom herself, Megan is very aware of the bodywork needs of a mom. That is why she offers
a Postpartum Massage that you bring your baby with you! Allowing you and the baby to cuddle,
nurse or nap while still receiving the healing and relaxing benefits of massage.

*Megan offers Birth Massage, much like a doula, Megan will be with you through your whole labor
offering massage and stretching techniques to help cope with the physical demands of labor.

Deep Tissue
Many of us carry the stresses of everyday life deep in our muscles. Physical and emotional stresses
can settle into our muscles and cause trigger points that Deep Tissue massage can help to release.  

Hot Stone Massage
 Using warm smooth stones to glide across areas of tension and stress, hot stone massage is
a wonderful way to bust tension and bring circulation.

Shiatsu Massage
An Eastern style of massage using acupressure points, compression, stretches on corresponding
points on the body. These techniques are used to correct and maintain balance in the body.

"Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb,
finger and hand techniques without the use of oil,cream or lotion based on a system of zones
and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work
effects a physical change in the body."Reflexology is a gentle way to destress, release toxins
and address chronic issues. This wonderful therapy can be added to all modalities of healing with no side effects.  
All sessions include foot scrub and warm towels to deepen the relaxation of your session.
If you choose a 60 minute session, you will also enjoy the added myofascial work to your ankle and foot.

Infant Massage
Babies can experience stress too! There are physical stresses of being born, learning to nurse,
and growing at such an amazing speed! Bring your baby in to help correct any issues or to
learn basic baby massage techniques that can be a fun way to interact with your little sweetie!

Service Add-Ons
Sea Salt Foot Scrub
Add a sea salt foot scrub to any other service.  A sea salt, peppermint and lime combo will exfoliate
and energize your tootsies!After we use hot towels to remove the scrub, lotion is applied to
further soften and pamper your feet! This 10 minute service makes you feel like royalty.

 Paraffin Hand, Foot & Spot Treatment
 Add a warm paraffin dip to any of our services. Paraffin is a wonderful way to bring relief of pain and stiffness.
 Paraffin is a moist heat which is soothing to many ailments. Dry skin, circulation issues, joint or muscle aches all
benefit from warm paraffin wax treatment.

 Service Fees 
Deeply Relaxing Massage 

 90 minutes                          $90
  60 minutes                $60
  30 minutes                 $30

PreNatal & PostPartum
  90 minutes                          $90
  60 minutes                 $60
  30 minutes                 $30

Birth Massage

*entire labor/birth              $300
*if having a birth with Circle of Life 50% off.

Hot Stone

  100 minutes                        $100

  70 minutes                          $70

  40 minutes                          $40

  60 minutes                 $60
  30 minutes                 $30

  30 minutes                 $30
  60 minutes                          $60

Infant Massage
  15-30 minute                       $25

Service Add-Ons

  Sea Salt Scrub                    $10

  Hand or Foot Paraffin          $10
  Hand AND Foot Paraffin      $15
  Spot Treatment:
  One spot                              $10
  Three spots                          $25

*In-Home Massage add $20
Herbs, Oils, Scents & Music
Here at Circle of Life we are very aware of allergies, chemical sensitivities, and intolerances of all types.
With working within this awareness, we offer all of our clients the opportunity to read the labels of any product that
will be used on you in a massage session.  If you desire a specific scent that helps you to relax, please discuss
this with us, and we will  be happy to add it to your session.  

If you have a specific CD you use to relax or meditate to, bring it along and use it for your massage.

We do custom blend certain oils and scents for health promoting and balancing effects.  If we were to suggest using one
of these special oils, we would first discuss the benefits and ingrediants so you can decide if the treatment feels right to you.

Please feel free to ask questions!
We want your expeirience with us to be one of a kind, tailored to your specific wants and needs.