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Miracle Heal
Herbal Salve
olive oil, calendula, chamomile flowers, chickweed, plantain,
comfrey, yarrow, lavender flowers, beeswax.
The list of possibilities is endless....
but just to name a few: cuts, scrapes, burns, diaper rash
dry skin, eye makeup remover, eczema & psoriasis, sunburn & windburn,
chapped lips/cheeks/hands, hot spots on your pets, contact dermititis
chot spots on your pets, contact dermititis and the list goes on...
This stuff really can be used on ANYTHING!
It was formulated as an antibacterial, antimicrobial,
skin conditioner and scar reducer.

Pain, Pain Go Away
Whether you pain is chronic or you just over did it in the garden,
this rub will surely  make your pain vanish! 
Formulated with deep healing in mind, this salve can be used day after day.

Add our Pain'Pain Go Away Tincture to the mix
and you're pain free in no time!

Hemorrhoid & Varicosities Salve
olive oil, beeswax, butchers broom, witch hazel, echinacea,
calendula, horsetail, plantain, slippery elm, st. johns wort,
lavender eo, juniper eo, vitamin e.

This salve is good for varicosities anywhere on the body from your most intimate areas to your legs and feet. Use multiple times and day for cooling, soothing relief.

Fungus Among Us Salve
Yeast & Antifungal Salve
olive oil, sage, thyme,  echinacea, chamomile, calendula,
pau d arco, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary eo.

Yeast diaper rash or thrush for momma can be very hard to deal with. We formulated a salve to help in these situations. We also make a Fungus Among Us Tincture for healing that helps from the inside out!  This salve can also be used on jock itch, ringworm and any other fungal infections that you or your family have to deal with.

Bug OFF!
Insect Repellent
distilled water, witch hazel/isopropyl alcohol, essential oils of: cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, juniper, lemon, hyssop.
Use to keep all the bugs away!!  Great for the whole family, pets too!  We use a this combo on our horses and it works like a charm!!
Sleep & Anxiety Tincture
alcohol, chamomile, passionflower, skullcap, valerian root, hops.

 We all have stress, anxiety & sleeplessness at times. We developed this gentle tincture to help ease those feelings allowing you to carry on with your day or settle down for a nice long sleep.

Fungus Among Us
Have a nagging feeling that your yeast is systemic? Use this powerful combo along with diet changes to kick yeast to the curb!

Everyone has "one of those days" every now and again, this herbal combo helps to calm and stablize the ups and downs that come with a busy life.
Pain'Pain Go Away
Coupled with our Pain'Pain Go Away Salve, or take alone, either way you are in for major relief from joint and muscle pain.

Liver & Iron Support
alcohol, yellow dock, burdock, nettles, dandelion, alfalfa.

This tincture is a powerful yet gentle way to support your liver in detoxification, blood building and filtering. Can be used in pregnancy too.

Love Thy Self
Adrenal Support
alcohol, eleuthro, licorice, prickly ash bark, milky oats, saspirilla, astragulus, ashwaganda, ginko biloboa.

Suppoort for the adrenal glands, which help keep our stress in check. Great for people with high stress lives.

Pressure Relief
Blood pressure support
alcohol, hawthorne berries, hibiscus, cats claw, cinnamon, garlic, lavender flowers.

healthy blood pressure is important for everyone. This tincture helps to support your bodys blood pressure regulation.
 Varicose Vein & Hemorrhoid Support
alcohol, horse chestnut, butchers broom, echinacea, st. johns wort, witch hazel, slipper elm, yarrow, garlic.

This tincture combined with our Reduce Salve, help to soothe and tame varicosities.

Never Forget
Memory Support
alcohol, rodiola, sage, green tea, ginseng, eleuthro, turmeric, licorice, rosemary, ginko, gotu kola.

Brain support! Great minds, do great things! Also helps with brain fog and stress induced memory issues.
alcohol, turmeric.

Amazing and strong anti-inflammatory!

Tinctures for the ladies!
This is a triple play of helpful herbs for women! All of these herbs are great for stabilizing your mood, helping with menstrual cramps and after pains.
Hormone & Anxiety Support
alcohol, motherwort.

This herb is great for times of change, anxiety, stress, PMS, and hormonal fluctuations.

Healthy Pregnancy
Immune Support During Pregnancy
alchohol, elderberry, ginger, honey, rose hips, turmeric, red clover, burdock root, calendula, echinacea, garlic.

Pregnancy can be a tiring and taxing time for the immune system, these herbs give a gentle immune boost to help keep you from getting sick.
Baby & Me
General Pregnancy Health & Support
alchohol, rose hips, red clover, alfalfa, red raspberry leaf, dandelion.

For all the days of pregnancy. This blend helps to nourish you and baby for the whole 9 months.

Lactation Support
alcohol, fennel seed, fenugreek seed, milky oats, red raspberry leaf, hops, anise seed, blessed thistle, alfalfa, shavarati.

Nursing your baby frequently with no supplemental bottles or pacifiers is what keeps milk supply flowing, but every now and again, if mom or baby was sick, or latching is being worked on, mom will need a boost! This tasty tincture can help.
Reduce for Two
 Varicose Vein & Hemorrhoid Support for Pregnancy
alcohol, hawthorne berry, garlic, motherwort, nettle leaf, prickly ash, parsley leaf, milky oats.

This tincture is specially formulated to help tame varicosities in pregnancy. Combined with our Reduce Salve, safe, effective healing is all you need.

Crones Delight
 Perimenopause & Menopause Support
alcohol, motherwort, dong quai, red raspberry leaf, red clover, vitex berry, alfalfa, dandelion, oats straw, milk thistle, ginger, nettle.

As women are changing from childbearing to non-childbearing years, there can be a huge shift that brings with it many annoying symptoms.
This tincture is to help level out the highs and lows.


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