CFT is best described by its founder Barry Gillespie, this is a snippet from his website.

"Dr. Barry Gillespie discovered the Craniosacral Fascial System, which consists of a slight motion of the brain and spinal cord pumping cerebrospinal fluid into the fascial web that connects every structural cell of the body. When physical and/or emotional traumas adversely tighten this freely moving system, tremendous pressure can be exerted on associated nerves, muscles, organs, blood vessels, lymph vessels, and bones. Profound effects on body function may result as a major cause of the conditions listed above."

To see more about CFT including videos, please visit Dr. Gillepsies website .

These are the most common issues that people with a tight craniosacral fascial system experience:

                                                                 Adults                   Children                        Newborns
                Migraine                    Asthma          Inability to latch on
Sinus HeadacheEaracheDifficulty in sucking
ConcussionHeadacheDifficulty in swallowing
Jaw PainConcussionReflux
Neck PainAnxietyColic
Sleep IssuesADHDConstipation
Hip PainNeck PainIndigestion/Gas
Back PainLearning DisordersNapping Issues
DepressionSinus ConditionsPyloric stenosis
Pelvic PainBedwettingClubfoot

                                                   Table is from Dr. Gillespies website.

Links about CST/CFT for babies and children:

 Links about CST/CFT for adults:


Jennifer and Kalei use this gentle therapy to help newborns, children and adults to 'unwind' their fascial system allowing

 the fluid to move freely through their bodies. Sessions last about 30-60 mins.    


"Jennifers quiet calm energy immediately made me
feel at ease.She has a confident and gentle way
that allowed me to relax immediately.
I have had 3 sessions with her and have been on
the road to healing ever since." N.R.

"Jennifer was my midwife, but after a long tough birth,
my baby seemed to have issues turning her head and
latching on the left side. Jennifer explained CFT to me
and went straight to work. After a 10 min. session my
baby had more range of motion
and was able to nurse better. CFT is amazing stuff." H.W.
"Kalei was able to identify my areas of stress and
tension within minutes of starting our session!
It was incredible. CFT has helped relieve me of pain
and ease my anxiety." P.L.