Here, at Circle of Life we are all about education, information and empowering women,
men & families. We believe that when a family is supported and educated, they can make
the best decisions for their lives. We thoughtfully put classes and events together
to bring information and support to all that participate.


 Sit back and browse all of the wonderful meetups, classes and events we offer.

Then pick up the phone and register for the one(s) that speak to you the most.


For all Classes, Meetups, Groups & Events

 please watch our FB Page for more details!

Life Support!
Bi-monthly Support Meetup
1st Tuesday 10a-12p         3rd Friday 2p-4p
What do you get when you mix a momma group with a lactation support group,
with an ask the experts workshop, with a ladies night?
Sounds a little twisted right!? But isn't that how we feel sometimes?
There are days that Life Support is EXACTLY what we
needed to get through a day!
This group covers it all!! One stop gets all your needs met!
Its all about creating a Tribe of women that support one another.

What do you get?
  • Let the kids play while you get some adult time
  • Talk with other moms so you find out you're not alone
  • Worried about breastfeeding? Weigh the baby, and ask questions of our Lactation experts
  • Have questions about Nutrition? Yoga? Bodywork? Ask the experts
  • Questions about sleep? teething? ask the mommas
  • Questions about pregnancy, birth, postpartum? ask the experts
  • Need a hug? We gott'em Need to bitch? We're hear to listen!

Studies have shown that women that have support have less:
  •  anxiety and depression
  • need for medication
In turn, they have more:
  • relationship satisfaction
  • positive outlook for the future
  • more confidence in their parenting

Come as you are! Jammie pants and a messy bun
are totally excepted here!
Coffee and tea are always available.

 Hosted by Mommas that Cloth diaper and babywear!
 Come learn what cloth diapers and babywearing is all about!
New to all of this? No problem! We will answer all of your questions!
Are you an experienced momma?
Come talk fluff butts and carriers with other mommas!!

Bring your carriers and cloth diapers to
swap, share, try and learn!

    Loss Support Group      
2nd Saturday  9a-11a

 This group is designed especially for bereaved mothers.
We will begin with introductions, and a candle lighting and
gentle movement yoga.  
Our focus is healing poses to restore mind body balance.
We support your process, and give time to share, cry, sit quietly.....
its all about what works for you.
After our gentle yoga,
we will have time to have some tea and talk with Kalei,
our loss expert and other moms.

 Yoga & Movement
 Yoga for All
Yoga Momma
Thursdays at 630p
See our Prenatal Yoga Page for more details.

 Yoga with Kalei
Wednesday 2 classes to choose from
 5:15p-6:15p  &   6:30p-7:30p
See class descriptions on our Yoga page.

CFT/YOGA Workshop with Kalei
Dates: March 9/June10/October14 11a-12:30p
This is a unique class that combines the unwinding and releasing through
CFT and fascia with the foundation of Yoga and the expanding and
lengthening of muscles.
Class is 90m long and hands on.
Pre-Reg required at
Cost is $25.00.
BabyWearing Boogie                  
Mommas (Daddies too) enjoy moving to the beat, in this wonderful
babywearing movement class. Work up a sweat with your little one!
While giggling and having fun!
No experience needed.

 Story & Play time
Toddlers & Preschoolers come to play, hear a story, make a craft,
 and have fun!
Donations welcome, but not necessary.
Pregnancy and Holistic Wellness
Childbirth Education Intensives
See our Childbirth Education page for more details.
Eat, Pray, Love: Attracting Happiness & Abundance
with Jennifer Rush & Kalei Carlson
Herbs 101
 with Jennifer Rush
Have you always been curious about herbal remedies?
This class is designed to give you the knowledge to use
todays most common and safe herbs for you and your family.
Nutrition 101
with Jennifer Rush
This class is designed by a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to make
food fun and easy to understand. Learn about superfoods, food
balancing and more!

June 2, 2017 10a-2p

Are you a Circle of Life Client? Do you wonder what Circle of Life is all about?
Come see us!!  We will be hosting our bi-annual Open House
and Client Appreciation Picnic!
We want to show our love for all of you! We appreciate all the loyalty and trust
that you all have shown us over the last 6 years!

Join us for:
  • Food and drinks
  • face painting
  • bouncy house
  • craft table
  • chair massage
  • weigh the baby (for our lactating mommas)
  • raffles & prizes
  • clothing swap
  • meet the Circle of Life Team and ask questions about our services

Open House & Clothing Swap
October 21, 2017  10a-2p
Come meet us!  Are you a client? Come say hi!  Thinking about
becoming a client? Have questions? Come ask them.
  • Light refreshments served
  • Bring your old clothes to swap or donate to our Community Closet
  • Meet the Circle of Life Team and ask questions about our services
Movie Night: Quarterly Movie
 We will be hosting educational and motivational movies
a few times a year. Watch our Facebook Page for details.

Ladies Renewal Day
March 3, 2017 & September 29 2017  6p-9p
Join us for a night of drinks, snacks, relaxation and laughs!
YOU: Bring your favorite drink
WE supply:
  • Chair massage
  • mini paraffin dips and salt scrubs
  • Mini CFT sessions
  • 10 min Energy Balancing sessions
  • Music, chatting and more!

Do you have a class or workshop you would like to host? Contact us with your idea!
Would you like to volunteer to help host one of our meetups?
Have a meetup idea of your own? Let us know!