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Childbirth Classes

Prenatal Yoga

Lactation Services

Homemaker-will cover postpartum doula services.



Childbirth is an experience that couples will forever remember. Our educators realize the birth of a child as a life changing experience and work hard

to bring youEvidence Based information to educate and empower you. Our classes are designed to bring you all of the information and coping

skills you will need to educate and empower you to make the choices that are best for you and your family.

You will Learn:

How your body & baby work together Stages of Labor
Prenatal Exercises & Complimentary Therapies to prep your bodyPartner Coping Techniques
Personal Coping Skills: Birth ball, Position, Water, Hypnosis & MoreBirth Planning
Doulas, Chiropractic, Yoga, CFT, Nutrition, Birth Place & Provider choice for best outcomePain Relief: Natural & Medicated
Who is in Charge? Babies are an active part of Labor & BirthWhen Birth doesn't go as planned: C-section, Transfer, NICU etc.
Afterbirth: Cord clamping, Vit.K, Eye Ointment, Newborn procedures, bonding.
Bleeding, peri-care, tips & tricks for better recovery
Breastfeeding Basics
Life with babyPostpartum Depression/Blues
Newborn care 

Schedule of Classes:
Classes are a 6 week series, 1.5 hour classes


1 day (8 hour) Intensive

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