Breastfeeding is a wonderful start for a child, and has many benefits for mother and child,but there can be challenges along the way.

We believe there are a few key things that make for a successful breastfeeding relationship:
  1. determination
  2. support from family and friends
  3. knowledge of how your breast and baby work together
  4. knowing where to go to get help during challenging times

We can help with those challenging times. Jennifer has been helping families successfully breastfeed for 18 years. She has extended her midwifery training to include breastfeeding education. We do a thorough intake and evaluation with a focus on easing mom's anxieties along with setting up easy to follow strategies to overcome potential issues.
We recognize in the first few weeks after a baby is born, leaving the house can be a struggle. We offer in home consults to all of our clients.

Breastfeeding Counseling Services:
  • 24 hour phone availability
  • In home or office consultations
  • Lip & Tongue Tie Evaluation
  • Weighing & Gaining evalution
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Latch & swallow evaluation
  • Nipple shield, SNS, Lact-aid support
  • Referrals if needed

Fees: $50 for initial visit. $20.00 for follow up visits.
Package Deal: $150.00 for 1 month unlimited visits/calls.